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About IMI

How does IMI work?

You can share information in various different  ways:

  • 1-to-1 workflows;
  • 1-to-many workflows; and
  • repositories.


1-to-1 workflow

Authorities in different countries exchange information using pre-translated questions and answers ("question sets").

Current examples:

◊ information requests

requests for measures


1-to-many workflow

An authority sends out information to multiple recipients.

Current examples:

alert mechanism for service activities that might cause serious damage to the health or safety of people or to the environment; and

notifications about national legislation in the field in question.



An authority can store information in a database inside IMI which can then be made accessible to all IMI users or a defined group of users. 

Currently used for companies licenced to transport Euro cash by road.




Why use IMI?

  • Multilingual - you can use IMI in all EU languages

◊ pre-translated questions, answers and forms,

◊ machine translation available for information entered in a free text box.

  • Flexible - IMI can accommodate any administrative structure — centralised, fully decentralised etc. If you want to know more, please send us an e-mail.
  • Fully secure and data protection proof  system.
  • Using IMI generates no IT costs for the Member States.
  • Training and support available from national IMI coordinators.

In which areas is IMI used?


AreaIMI functionality (with examples)


Information requests 
To check the validity of qualifications for professionals wanting to practice in your country

Registers directory
To find a national register of professionals (architects, accountants, engineers etc.)

To notify new diploma for architects and health professions




Information requests
To verify information about a foreign company or person wanting to provide a service in your country

Alert mechanism 
To flag the activity of a service provider that could have health, safety or environmental implications

Registers directory 
To find a national register of service providers (e.g. business registers, trade registers) in any EEA country

To inform the Commission and the Member States of changes in the legislation regarding the provision of services

Posting of workers


Information requests
To check the employment conditions for workers posted in your country



To check the details of licences for transporting cash across borders

Train driving licences

Information request
To check the validity of a train driving licence; to ask for inspection to be carried out or for the suspension of a licence

To inform the other Member States and the Commission about a request for inspection or suspension of a licence




Case handling
Individuals and businesses can submit complaints about national authorities to the SOLVIT network

Patients' rights

Information requests  
To check a health professional's "right to practice"

Registers directory  
To find a national register of health professionals (doctors, specialists etc.)


(pilot project)


Requests for measures
To ask another country to take specific measures against an on-line service provider, when for example, general information requirements are not respected on their websites.

To notify measures you intend to take against on-line service providers based in another country.

Public procurement
(pilot project)

Information requests
To check information and documentation provided by procurement companies from other European countries.


IMI credits

Developed jointly by the Commission and national administrations, IMI has been funded mainly by the IDABC and ISA programmes.

If you would like to more precisely assess how IMI could facilitate administrative cooperation in your specific domain, please contact us for details.


contact imi

Access to IMI

Only registered users can access the Internal Market Information System (IMI).

IMI training system

If you are new to IMI and you want to familiarise yourself with the system, you can use our training system.

To do so, you first need to register.

Not yet registered?

Your registration request has to be approved by a national IMI coordinator. Only competent authorities can request registration in IMI.