Eurostat EDP visits to Member States

Eurostat undertakes regular visits to EU Member States, during which the EDP statistics data are reviewed as well as the implementation of the national accounts rules (ESA 2010) and other Eurostat's methodological documentation relating to the government sector.

Council Regulation (EC) No 479/2009, as amended, mentions dialogue and methodological visits.

Dialogue visits (Article 11a) "are designed to review actual data (…), to examine methodological issues, to discuss statistical processes and sources described in the inventories, and to assess compliance with the accounting rules. The dialogue visits shall be used to identify risks or potential problems with respect to the quality of the reported data".

Methodological visits (Article 11b) "are designed to monitor the processes and verify the accounts which justify the reported data, and to draw detailed conclusions as to the quality of reported data (…). (…) The methodological visits shall only be undertaken in exceptional cases where significant risks or problems with respect to the quality of the data have been clearly identified".

In case when a specific important issue is raised with the EU Member State, which cannot be resolved otherwise than by a physical meeting with the concerned authorities, an ad-hoc visit in the Member State is organized.

The following reports summarise the final findings of Eurostat dialogue, upstream (UDV), methodological, technical or ad-hoc visits.

Note: The upstream dialogue visits have been integrated in dialogue visits since mid-2014.

Reports of visits to member States in chronological order

Visits in 2020

  • Poland (11-12 February) [Mission findings not yet available]
  • Austria (27-28 January) [Mission findings not yet available]

Visits in 2019

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