Eurostat's mission is to provide high quality statistics for Europe. Accordingly, quality considerations play a central role with regard to Eurostat corporate management as well in the day-to-day statistical operations.

The European Statistics Code of Practice sets the standard for developing, producing and disseminating European statistics. It builds upon a common European Statistical System (ESS). The ESS is committed to quality. This commitment is summed up in the Quality Declaration of the ESS.

The Quality Assurance Framework of the European Statistical System (ESS QAF) identifies possible activities, methods and tools that can provide guidance and evidence for the implementation of the Code of Practice when developing, producing and disseminating European statistics.

Eurostat follows an encompassing quality management approach based on the CoP covering all the statistical domains. In reality, the quality of statistics is neither one-dimensional nor absolute. Instead, it has to be understood as a relative concept, the products' characteristics being defined in relation to users' needs. As with other products, statistical information has to be 'fit for purpose' and this approach, leading to differentiated quality assurance (for statistics for direct policy use, standard and experimental statistics), emerges from continuous optimisation and learning in close interaction with users.

For further information, please contact the Eurostat Quality Team: ESTAT QUALITY