Style guides

The following guidelines are for internal Eurostat use.

Interinstitutional style guide

Interinstitutional style guide serves as a reference tool for all written works published by European institutions. It establishes writing conventions and common practices to be followed in order to present a consistent identity of the European Union institutions for citizens. Interinstitutional style guide is published in all official languages of the EU. It takes into account that while the specific character of each language has to be kept, texts in all official languages have to be comparable. The interinstitutional style guide is available at:

Eurostat style guide

The Eurostat styleguide is a complement of the Interinstitutional style guide and describes visual rules and conventions for Eurostat publications.

Graphical style guide — A practical layout guide for Eurostat publications — 2016 edition.

Writing for Statistics Explained

Statistics Explained presents European statistics in an easily understandable way using a wiki-type system.

Guidelines to write for Statistics Explained can be found on