Alert me - FAQ


Why should I use alerts?

Almost every day, Eurostat publishes and updates statistical content on the website. One way for you to stay informed is to search for these updates yourself…or you can use our alert system to do this for you automatically. You can tailor your alerts to your needs and will be notified when new content for your selection has been published or updated.

Are you interested in all "Eurostat news" which contains the term "COVID"? Would you like to know about all "News releases" for the theme "Economy and Finance"? Do you need to know when a specific dataset was updated? Then creating alerts may well be useful for you.

Which alert systems are available?

You can use two different types of alert systems:

  • Email alert
  • RSS feed

How can I create an alert?

To create an alert, just follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Sign in: You have to be registered on the Eurostat website to be able to create alerts. If you don't have an account yet, please create one by clicking on “Register” in the top right corner of the Eurostat website. 

2. Search: Enter a topic / term you are interested in in the search box available in the top banner of every page on the website and click on the magnifying glass to execute it. You will be directed to the search results page.

3. Refine your search: You can now refine your search by using the filters available on the left side of the page. You can filter the results for example by “Collection” and/or by “Theme”. Pay attention when filtering by the category ‘Date’ as this may not yield any results on new or recently updated content.

Please note: You do not need to perform a search to configure an alert. You can also perform a generic search by leaving the search box empty and clicking on the magnifying glass. On the results page that will be displayed, you can then refine your generic search by applying one or several filters from the left side menu.

For example, should you wish to be notified about all "News releases" published for the theme "Transport", simply perform an “empty search”, then in the results page select the collection ‘News releases’ followed by the theme ‘Transport’.

For more information, see also the section on “Current limitations”.

4. Subscribe: Once you have refined the search to meet your needs you are ready to subscribe. Look for the  
  button available on the top of the search results page. Click on it and select your type of alert, email or RSS feed.
  • For email: Confirm the creation of your alert in the pop-up window.
  • For RSS: A new window with the RSS feed will open. You can use the URL of this page for subsequent queries for the RSS feed.

Great - you're all set!

Each time content matching your criteria is published or updated on the website, you will receive an email alert and/or it will be reflected in the content of the RSS feed.

In order to create more alerts, start again at Step 1.

How do I manage my alerts?

Only email alerts are stored in your account.

You can manage your email alerts by following the link "My alerts" located at the top of each page of the website. This will display a page that lists all the email alerts you have created.

Each of your email alerts has an "Action" button which allows you to: delete the alert, perform a search, or open the RSS feed.

You will not be able to "edit" your alerts, but you can create/refine a new alert based on the criteria used for an existing alert. To do so, click on "Perform search" for the alert you want to change. The search result page will show with the criteria defined for this particular alert (e.g. Collection ‘News Releases’). You can now edit and refine the search criteria and subscribe to this new alert. If the "old" alert becomes obsolete, you can simply delete it.

Furthermore, each email alert message you receive contains a direct link to delete the specific alert which triggered this mail and a second link which leads you to the "My alerts" page to manage all your alerts.

Current Limitations

Number of alerts

You can create a maximum of 10 email alerts. The number of RSS feeds is unlimited. If you have trouble because you need to create more than 10 alerts, please send a message to ESTAT-Webmaster.


For any comments or feedback, please send a message to ESTAT-Webmaster.
For general questions on Eurostat statistics, please contact our user support team.


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