SDMX InfoSpace

Welcome to Eurostat's SDMX InfoSpace

SDMX: standardising and modernising the mechanisms and processes for data and metadata exchange

The SDMX and metadata standards InfoSpace is an official section of the Eurostat website dedicated to presenting all aspects of the Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) process in the European Statistical System, as well as links to its more global context.

Information in the SDMX InfoSpace is structured in a layered manner, from general aspects to more detailed and technical explanations. This should help you find the level of information that suits your needs as fast as possible.

Explore the webpages and tutorials to:

  • Learn what SDMX is about

  • Learn why SDMX might be of interest to you and your organisation

  • Find out about where and how SDMX is already making a difference

  • Learn about the open-source software tools and validation services used in SDMX

  • Find out what training courses we offer

  • Find useful contact points for SDMX-related issues