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Eurostat publishes and updates statistical content on the website almost every day. To stay informed, you can search for updates yourself, or you can use our alert system to do this for you automatically.

You can tailor your alerts to your needs and you will be notified when new content for your selection has been published or updated.

Access to microdata

Microdata are the units of data that contain information on individual respondents or business entities.

To respect statistical confidentiality and protect the anonymity of respondents, both persons and organisations, access to microdata is restricted. We grant access to our microdata for scientific purposes only.

Web services / Automatic data download

Please see information under our ‘Products and tools’ page.

GISCO: the Geographic Information System of the Commission

GISCO creates statistical and other thematic maps. It also manages a database of geographical information, and provides related services to the Commission.

Its database contains core geographical data covering the whole of Europe, such as administrative boundaries, and thematic geospatial information, such as population grid data. Some data is available for download by the general public and may be used for non-commercial purposes.

SDMX Infospace

Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) describes an initiative designed ‘to manage and automate the process of data and metadata exchange’.  The name was given by seven international sponsor organisations including Eurostat. The infospace section provides detailed information on all aspects of SDMX.

Ordering of publications

Please have a look at our ‘How to order?’ page.

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