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Statistics used for Excessive deficit procedure (EDP), including the main indicators:

  • surplus (+)/deficit (-) or net lending (+)/net borrowing (-) of general government;
  • general government gross debt.

Government finance statistics (GFS) show the economic activities of government, including:

  • revenue and expenditure;
  • surplus (+) / deficit (-), referred to in national accounts terminology as net lending (+)/net borrowing (-);
  • transactions and other changes in financial assets and liabilities;
  • balance sheets.

GFS/EDP cover data for the general government sector (S.13) and its four subsectors, for more information see the page ' Information on data' in this section.

Statistics related to the excessive deficit procedure (EDP) and the underlying GFS form the basis for fiscal monitoring in Europe.

Data cover the euro area, the EU and its Member States. Some information is also available for EFTA countries and EU candidate countries. Data available on an annual basis and for some indicators on a quarterly basis.

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Get the latest information on government debt and deficit data for 2018 from the second notification released in PDF format.

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The government finance statistics summary tables in this PDF show the economic activities of government in a harmonised and comparable way. 

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