European Sector accounts group together economic subjects with similar behaviour into institutional sectors, such as:

Grouping economic subjects in this way greatly helps to understand the functioning of the economy.

Data Collection and Production

The compilation of quarterly European sector accounts is the outcome of a close collaboration by Eurostat, the European Central Bank (ECB), the national statistical institutes and the national central banks in the European Union.

They produce quarterly figures for the euro area (19 countries) or whole EU (28 countries), released four months afterwards.

The euro area accounts are available at the Eurostat website, Eurostat data and at the European Central Bank (ECB). Detailed figures for non-financial accounts of the European Union are only available on the Eurostat website.

Section Structure

In this section, non-financial and financial sector accounts data and related comments are provided under 'News' (news releases), 'Data' and 'Detailed charts'.

Under 'Concepts' are explained the notions of the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010), the EU manual for national accounts, which are relevant for sector accounts.

Information about the compilation of the quarterly sector accounts are provided under 'Methodology'.