Institutional sector accounts – Overview


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What are sector accounts?

Institutional sector accounts present a complete and consistent set of data for sectors, which group together economic subjects with similar behaviour. They therefore help to understand the complex functioning of an economy. They cover non-financial transactions related to, for example, production, income, consumption and capital investment, as well as financial transactions involving loans, securities, etc. Balance sheet information is also available. Data are quarterly and annual.

Institutional sector accounts are part of national accounts which cover a wide range of statistics describing an economy in various ways, for instance through main aggregates including GDP, institutional sectors, government finance or supply, use and input-output tables. A selection of data is also available on a regional level. These topics are presented in different sections of the Eurostat website.   

Which sectors are we talking about?

The main institutional sectors covered are:

  • Non-financial corporations
  • Financial corporations
  • General government
  • Households 
  • Non-profit institutions serving households

For more information, see the information on institutional sectors on the 'Concepts' page in this section.

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