VÜD-Inventar - Finanzstatistiken des Sektors Staat


Availability of detailed and comprehensive EDP Inventories is of vital importance for the quality assessment of the EDP statistics and the Government Finance Statistics (GFS) data and for identifying possible risks in their reliability and thus of the government deficit and debt data.

Following the provisions of Article 9 of the Council Regulation (EC) No 479/2009, as amended, in 2014 the new ESA 2010 based EDP Inventory of the methods, procedures and sources used to compile actual deficit and debt data and the underlying government accounts has been adopted. All EU Member States are required to complete this EDP Inventory.

The EDP inventory includes as annex a list of general government units.

EDP inventories (ESA 2010)


EDP Inventories (under ESA 2010): Other countries

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