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Unforeseen medical treatment - Romania


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Casa Nationala de Asigurari de Sanatate (National Health Insurance House)
Tel: +40 372 309 250; +40 372 309 105

Treatment, coverage & costs


  • In order to receive the necessary healthcare on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you should visit a general practitioner or a specialist who works at a healthcare provider recognised by the National Health Insurance House (Casa Naţională de Asigurări de Sănătate ("CNAS")) or its local offices
  • Addresses of recognised healthcare providers are available upon request from CNAS.
  • Healthcare received on the basis of the EHIC is reimbursed by CNAS or its local offices to the healthcare provider who carried out the treatment.


  • In order to receive dental care on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you should visit a dentist who is recognised by CNAS or its local offices. Addresses of dental care providers working under the health insurance social system can be requested from CNAS.
  • Dental treatment is only given for emergency dental services. These emergency dental care services are reimbursed by CNAS.

Hospital treatment

  • In order to receive hospital care on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you should visit a hospital which is recognised by CNAS.
  • EHIC holders have the following rights regarding healthcare in the hospital:
    • In-patient healthcare for:
      • medical or surgical emergencies in which the patient’s life is endangered or in which the patient runs this kind of potential risk, until there is no longer an emergency;
      • contagious potential diseases requiring isolation/quarantine until the issue is completely solved;
      • childbirth.
    • Daily out-patient healthcare for
      • medical-surgical emergencies
      • diseases which do not require isolation/quarantine.

These types of care during a hospital stay are reimbursed by the local CNAS office which the hospital is affiliated to.


  • EHIC holders have the right to medication with or without personal contribution on the basis of a medical prescription issued by a physician and released by a pharmacy that is recognised by CNAS.
  • Doctors can prescribe medication from a certain list (sub-lists A, B and C). CNAS will contribute up to 90% of the reference price of medications in sub-list A; 50% for those in sub-list B is 50% and 100% for the medications in sub-list C.

Emergency medical assistance and transportation

EHIC holders have the following rights:

  • Emergency consultations at home for medical or surgical emergencies
  • Unassisted health transport:
    • Transport of the medical consultations crew and in cases where the patient requires specialist healthcare which cannot be given at home but is not in a critical condition, transportation of the patient and/or the medical staff to the healthcare unit.
    • In case of death, two-way transportation for the doctor to determine death on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays and to issue the death certificate as provided by the law.

These medical healthcare services are provided by private specialised units under contract with the health insurance.


Air ambulance

  • Air ambulance services are provided inside the Romanian territory and only in extreme emergency situations.


  • Healthcare services are usually free of charge, so there is no reimbursement system for the card holders.
  • Additional payments (paid directly by the EHIC holders):
    • The value of the medical services not included in the entitlements for EHIC card holders;
    • The value of the medical services granted by providers who are not recognised by CNAS (do not have a contractual agreement with the health insurance body);
    • In case of hospitalisation, the value of the room services – accommodation and/or meal – with a high degree of comfort over the standard comfort, granted at the request of the patient. For hospitals with beds, both public and private, the personal contribution of the insured for these services is maximum 300 lei/day.
    • For hospital medical care provided under continuous hospitalisation, the hospitals collect co-payment – the information regarding the co-payment can be found under "Information about co-payment in the country" below.
    • The value of medication which does not fall under the health insurance system;
    • The value of the medications issued by pharmacies which are not authorised by CNAS;
    • The personal contribution towards prescription medication. This is the amount representing the difference up to the level of the retail sales price and shall be borne by the EHIC holder as follows:
      • depending of the sub-lists category, 10% to 50% of reference price shall be paid by the EHIC holder;
      • the amount exceeds the reference price up to the level of the retail sales price.


  • For hospital medical services granted during in-patient treatment, the level of co-payment is established by each hospital unit with beds and so may vary: the minimum level being 5 lei, and the maximum 10 lei;
  • Co-payment shall not be cashed in for the hospital medical services when the hospitalisation was an emergency.

Dialysis, oxygen & chemotherapy


  • EHIC holders can benefit from dialysis under the same conditions as insured persons under the health insurance system in Romania;
  • Within the national programme of supplying dialysis for patients with chronic renal failure the services for dialysis are insured, including the medication and specific medical materials, paraclinical medical investigations, private transport for patients in dialysis from and to their residence, monthly delivery of drugs and specific peritoneal dialysis materials at the patient's residence.
  • Dialysis services are insured when delivered by public or private providers recognised by CNAS.

Oxygen therapy

  • EHIC holders can benefit from oxygen therapy during a hospital stay if they receive medical assistance for continuous hospitalisation.
  • This kind of medical assistance is reimbursed by CNAS.
  • The conditions described under "Hospital treatment" are applicable.


  • EHIC holders can benefit from the specific treatment for patients with oncological diseases under the Sub-programme treatment of patients with oncological diseases which insures cytostatics, immunomodulators, hormones, growth factors and inhibitors of osteoclastics;
  • Medication is released based on the medical prescription issued by a specialised doctor recognised by CNAS, through pharmacies belonging to medical units included in the sub-programme, or open-circuit pharmacies. Doctors prescribe the medication from a certain list – the so-called C2-list.
  • Lists of medical units, open circuit-pharmacies and specialists recognised by CNAS can be accessed on the website of CNAS.

Loss of card

Contacts for holders of EHICs issued in Romania

Casa Nationala de Asigurari de Sanatate (National Health Insurance House)
Tel: +40 372 309 236


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