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IMI will be extended to three new legal areas

  • Public Procurement

A pilot will be launched in April 2015, as foreseen in the new Public Procurement Directives (2014/24/UE and 2014/25/EU), to support the exchange of information for checking financial and technical capacities of tenderers, or their compliance with quality and environmental standards.

  • Return of Cultural Objects

As of December 2015, following the adoption of the Directive 2014/60/UE, IMI will help authorities to exchange information on cultural objects unlawfully removed from their territory.

  •  Enforcement of the Posting of Workers Directive

IMI will be used to exchange information for the enforcement of cross-border fines and penalties in the area of posting of workers, as of June 2016, according to Directive 2014/67/EU. This Directive also consolidates the use of IMI for general exchange of information regarding posted workers, tested since 2011 in a pilot project.

Access to IMI

Only registered users can access the Internal Market Information System (IMI).

IMI training system

If you are new to IMI and you want to familiarise yourself with the system, you can use our training system.

To do so, you first need to register.

Not yet registered?

Your registration request has to be approved by a national IMI coordinator. Only competent authorities can request registration in IMI.