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Under EU single market laws, people and businesses have certain rights to move around the European Economic Area for work, study, trade, etc.

If your authority is involved in implementing these laws on the ground, you may need to exchange information with similar bodies in other countries.

The Internal Market Information System (IMI) enables you to do this.

For a brief explanation watch this video:

Video: All about IMImpeg-4v


Transfer Authorisation of Firearms in IMI

Authorities can now use IMI to notify the trans­fer authori­sation of firearms as well as the prior con­sent issued for the trans­fers to a counter­part in an­other Member State. The new IMI modules are fully oper­ational in all official EU languages.

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IMI helps enforce GDPR

IMI is now ensuring the proper im­plement­ation of the General Data Pro­tection Regu­lation (GDPR), pro­viding multi­lingual online information ex­change functions for Euro­pean Insti­tutions and National Data Pro­tection Super­visory authorities.

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Access to IMI

Only registered users can access the Internal Market Information System (IMI).

IMI Training System

If you are new to IMI and you want to familiarise yourself with the system, you can use our training system.

To do so, you first need to register.

Not yet registered?

Your registration request has to be approved by a national IMI coordinator. Only competent authorities can request registration in IMI.