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Using IMI

New to IMI?

How to manage my authority in IMI

The following documents will help you handle your tasks and answer questions that might arise during the day-to-day management of your authority:

How to handle information requests

All standard flows of IMI requestspdf ­– sending, accepting, answering or forwarding requests – are explained in a brief set of PowerPoint slides.

Below you can find some tips and tricks that can be useful when handling information requests:

In order to facilitate the information exchange between two competent authorities in different countries, IMI makes use of pre-translated questions you can ask your counterpart as well as the possible answers.

These so called Question Sets have been grouped according to the legal area they concern.

My tasks as an access manager

My tasks as a coordinator

Using IMI in the legal areas

IMI and the Services Directive

Besides being able to send a request for information to your counterpart, you may:

You can find more in-depth information in the User guide to IMI and the Services Directivepdf

IMI and the e-Commerce Directive

Article 3 contains an obligation to notify certain restrictive measures.

The guidelines on e-Commerce notificationspdf will help you handle this.

IMI and the Patients’ Rights Directive

Patients considering medical treatment in another EU country can ask the relevant public authority to check via IMI a health professional’s right to practice.

The guidelinespdf will help you handle this.

Access to IMI

Only registered users can access the Internal Market Information System (IMI).

IMI Training System

If you are new to IMI and you want to familiarise yourself with the system, you can use our training system.

To do so, you first need to register.

Not yet registered?

Your registration request has to be approved by a national IMI coordinator. Only competent authorities can request registration in IMI.