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PES to PES Dialogue Preview

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'PES to PES Dialogue' is the European Commission’s mutual learning support programme for public employment services (PESs) in the European Union. It aims to contribute to the implementation of the priorities of the Europe 2020 strategy and the Employment Guidelines by helping to increase the capacity and effectiveness of PESs.

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Key activities

  • Peer review meetings take place twice a year to identify successful practice by sharing experiences between a ‘host PES’ and participating 'peer PESs' from other countries. Follow-up study visits can be provided to countries following a peer review to simplify the transfer of good practice.
  • Dialogue conferences take place twice a year to discuss topics of relevance for PESs and the Commission’s agenda.
  • Analytical papers and reports: analysis by researchers on key PESs topics;   thematic synthesis reports for each peer review and dialogue conference; targeted papers for specific audiences and the programme's annual report.


Produced after each peer review, provides information about its findings and an update on the PES to PES programme.

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