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Evidence in focus

Our team of socio-economic analysts and statisticians follows social and labour market developments in the European Union. Their research findings underpin our policies.

"Evidence in focus" puts the spotlight on key findings from past and on-going research.

These short texts offer an opportunity for public administration officials, media, academics and citizens to easily access evidence on various social and employment developments and challenges in the EU.

The views expressed in these articles are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

Recent entries:

Date Title
30/07/2018 The Social Scoreboard 20180730
26/07/2018 Youth guarantee schemes – helping young people onto the labour market 20180726
25/04/2017 Inequality and poverty – what action is being taken by Member States? 20170425
29/03/2017 Creating jobs – reforms are producing results 20170329
14/03/2017 Joint Employment Report 2017: Main findings from the Scoreboard of key employment and social indicators 20170314
16/11/2016 European Semester Autumn Package: Working for a stronger and more inclusive economic recovery 20161116
22/07/2016 Summer holidays – but not for everyone! 20160722
13/07/2016 Temporary employment in the EU: springboards or career dead ends? 20160713
01/07/2016 Distributive effects of public policies – who gains, who loses? 20160701
15/06/2016 Poverty risks since the crisis: are older people winning at the expense of the young? 20160615
01/06/2016 Young people and the labour market: a tale of two NEETs 20160601
18/05/2016 Household incomes in a decade of economic turbulence 20160518
04/05/2016 Part-time work: A divided Europe 20160504
20/04/2016 The return of the older worker 20160420
13/04/2016 Mobile workers and migrants in the EU: huge untapped potentials 20160413
29/03/2016 Working parents the best protection against child poverty 20160329
16/03/2016 The changing meaning of ‘working age’ 20160316
07/03/2016 Women and unpaid work: recognise, reduce, redistribute! 20160307
24/02/2016 Law enforcement: a forgotten determinant of labour law impact 20160224
17/02/2016 Self-employed and entrepreneurship: breaking the barriers to job creation 20160217
03/02/2016 Different models of work and welfare in ageing Europe 20160203
28/01/2016 The long-term unemployed: the people that the economic recovery forgot? 20160128
22/01/2016 How's Europe? Employment and social developments in 2015 20160122
14/01/2016 Ready for the Demographic Revolution? Measuring Active Ageing 20160114
16/12/2015 Childcare for all: making early childhood education and care more accessible and inclusive 20151216
09/12/2015 Are we richer or poorer than before the onset of the crisis? 20151209
03/12/2015 Demographics and the economy: how a declining working-age population may change Europe's growth prospects 20151203
25/11/2015 Inclusive growth? Varying trends in disposable household income over the last decade 20151125
18/11/2015 EU Labour Market Policies: how active are we and how do we respond to unemployment? 20151118
11/11/2015 The plight of young people: Europe at a turning point 20151111
28/10/2015 Two-speed road to gender equality - unequal labour market attachment of mothers 20151028
21/10/2015 Different conditions of older people across the EU 20151021
14/10/2015 Why older women are much more exposed to the risk of poverty than older men 20151014
07/10/2015 Who survives in self-employment? 20151007
30/09/2015 Working moms – 'having it all' not yet a standard in Europe 20150930
23/09/2015 Labour market institutions: One index to rule them all 20150923
18/09/2015 Re-employment of the long-term unemployed - a pressing European challenge 20150918
16/09/2015 The majority of the unemployed in the EU do not receive unemployment benefits 20150916
09/09/2015 Entrepreneurship: an avenue back to work for all? 20150909
02/09/2015 Persistent poverty in the EU: time matters! 20150902