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Research findings

Results of the research carried out by the Social Situation Monitor on:

orange_arrow    Wealth

These research findings include comparative analyses across the EU of income inequality, the risk of poverty, material deprivation, the distribution of wealth, non-monetary aspects of well-being and, from 2013, access to health, and the factors underlying these.

They are based to a large extent on the EU-SILC (Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) - specifically on the published microdata - and it extends the periodic studies produced by Eurostat on various issues that can be examined by using the data.

Other data sources include:

  • European Labour Force Survey
  • Survey on Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)
  • European Household Budget Survey (EHBS)
  • Adult Education Survey
  • PISA - survey of the academic performance of young people.

In addition, it makes use of the EUROMOD microsimulation model of household income to analyse the redistributive effects of the tax-benefit system in different countries.