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Network of independent experts on social inclusion

A Network of Independent Experts on Social Inclusion assists the European Commission in monitoring and evaluating the situation with regard to poverty and social exclusion and the policies that are relevant in this respect in 34 European countries: the 28 EU Member States and six non-EU countries (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, and Turkey).

Current list of experts

Each year, experts provide:

  • a report on their respective countries with regard to a specific subject that is being examined in the context of the EU social inclusion process (e.g. child poverty and child well-being, active inclusion, the situation of Roma, in-work poverty and labour market segmentation, homelessness and housing exclusion, minimum income schemes…);
  • an independent (non-governmental) assessment of an official policy document prepared in the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy, such as the social inclusion strand of the National Reform Programme and/or the National Social Reports (the key way Member States report on the implementation of the EU’s social objectives through the Social Open Method of Coordination).

The Network Core Team produces synthesis reports, bringing together the main results of the country analyses and draws on these and the Core Team’s own overall assessment to put forward a series of concrete suggestions for advancing the social dimension of the European Union.

The national experts also produce annual country profiles for the Commission analysing the latest developments in relation to poverty and social exclusion in their countries. They also respond to ad hoc requests from the Commission for advice on key policy developments (e.g. the implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategies).

The national independent experts’ reports and the synthesis reports reflect the views of their authors and these are not necessarily those of either the European Commission or the Member States.

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