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Peer reviews

The Peer reviews are an opportunity to exchange information on successful and promising practices, approaches, organisational structures and tools used in the delivery of public employment services (PESs). They aim to identify good practice by sharing experiences between a ‘host PES’ and participating 'peer PESs' from other countries. The exercise consists of a two-way exchange guided by the question ‘what works and what does not work and why’.

Peer reviews in 2014:

Peer reviews in 2013:

Peer reviews in 2012:

Peer reviews in 2011:

Follow-up study visits

Additional support can be provided to countries following a peer review to simplify the transfer of practices, approaches or tools.

Follow-up study visits in 2014:

Follow-up study visits in 2013:

Follow-up study visits in 2012:

Support for transfer in 2011: