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Unfair rules or decisions and discriminatory red tape can make it hard for you to live, work or do business in another EU country.

So, if you as an EU citizen or business face extra obstacles in another country because a public authority isn't doing what is required under EU law…

…SOLVIT can help.

SOLVIT reminds the authorities in question what your EU rights are and works with them to solve your problem.

The UK continues to be part of the SOLVIT network until the end of the Transition Period (31.12.2020).

How SOLVIT works

SOLVIT for individual citizens

SOLVIT for businesses

Please note that SOLVIT cannot help if:

  • your company is having problems with another company
  • you have a problem with your rights as a consumer
  • you are seeking compensation for damages
  • you are taking your case to court

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