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If your social security situation involves more than one EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, the following practical tips may help you deal with your claims.

Portable documents 

  • Most data is exchanged directly between social security institutions. However, in certain cases you will need a "portable document" (what was previously called an E-form) to certify your situation when moving. Find out more about "portable documents" in our frequently asked questions.
  • A portable document is usually issued by your social security institution upon your request. It is recommended to request it before leaving. However, if you haven't, the institution in the country where you are moving will obtain the necessary data directly from the institution where you are insured. 
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When dealing with the social security systems of several countries you may find it difficult to submit a claim in a specific country within the required deadline. EU rules allow you to submit your claim within the same deadline to the corresponding institution or tribunal of another country (where you are staying or residing, for example) if you have been insured there. Your claim will then be forwarded to the competent institution.


You may present your claims, letters and certificates in your mother-tongue, if it is amongst the official languages of the EU, whenever you consider it necessary or appropriate. This might delay the decision on your claim, but it may help you express yourself clearly and avoid misunderstandings.

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Check our frequently asked questions for further information.

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