Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

How to enforce your rights

Legal steps at the national level

  • If rights are infringed by the decision of a national authority or the action of a private individual or body, first seek redress through the methods of appeal provided by its national legislation.
  • Once a decision has been handed down, there is a limited period of time during which it can be appealed. It is important to be aware of and comply with such deadlines.
  • EU law on free movement of workers can be invoked before the national authorities and courts in national proceedings.

Union workers and members of their family may obtain assistance regarding Union and national rules on free movement of workers from the bodies designated in every Member State.

EU information and problem-solving tools

  • Contact Europe Direct for information on all EU issues
  • Make an enquiry via Solvit to solve a problem with a national administration in another EU country.
  • Make an enquiry via the Your Europe Advice service to receive tailor-made legal advice, free of charge.
  • If you think that your rights under EU law are being infringed by the laws in a particular country or by the way the authorities behave, you can complain in writing to the European Commission.

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