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 General Publications

Cover of EQUAL Success Stories

EQUAL success stories: Development Partnerships working against discrimination and inequality in Europe

Harvesting the results of the first round of projects is at the heart of this publication.  Several national and transnational networks are constantly seeking out the best practices and most innovative elements of EQUAL's work to make sure others can benefit from the lessons learned. But these are just some of the activities implemented and tested at local, regional or national level.The 30 EQUAL projects presented in this publication are organised by theme, and each story includes an index to show which of the different EQUAL principles are best illustrated by the project. (KE-70-05-504-EN-C, pp 68, 2005).

PDF (laid out - summarized version - 30 projects) 3 000 Kb: deenfr

Free movement of good ideas

EQUAL, Free movement of good ideas - Working against discrimination and inequality in Europe

By building partnerships, EQUAL empowers all those involved to promote innovation, share expertise and spread new solutions. In its second round running up to 2008, this unique initiative will continue to generate new ideas and solutions in the field of equality and practical ways to apply them in the workplace and in accessing work. This new brochure describes EQUAL objectives, methods and results - Translations coming soon. (KE-57-03-524-XX-C, pp 26, 2004).

PDF 1623 - 2011 Ko: deenfr


Cover of the Policy briefs

EQUAL Policy briefs

The Policy Briefs are an opportunity for policy makers, policy advisors and implementing bodies to become aware of good practice tested under EQUAL which can help them to shape and adapt policies and practices: new approaches and models to prevent unemployment and support the integration of disadvantaged groups into work, as well as to promote social integration and combat discrimination (2004- 2005).

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Cover of the brochure

EQUAL : new ways of tackling discrimination and inequality in the field of employment.

The brochure describes the key principles of the Initiative and how organisations can become involved in Equal (KE-30-00-948-XX-C, pp 12, 2000).

PDF - 113/133 Kb: dadeelenesfifritnlptsv

Reflection notes

Reflection notes

Reflection notes on the integration of the EQUAL principles – drafted by Member States for Member States – to help Member States take these principles into account in their new programming documents.

link The principle of Partnership in the new ESF programmes (2007-2013):  deenesfritplpt
link The principle of Transnational and Interregional Cooperation in the new ESF programmes (2007-2013):   deenesfritpl
link The principle of Innovation in the new ESF programmes (2007-2013): deenesfritplpt
link The principle of Gender Equality in the new ESF programmes (2007-2013):  deenesfritplpt
link Sourcebook on Sound Planning of ESF programmes en

Methodological guides

Cover of the EQUAL Guide on transnationality (2004-2008)

EQUAL Guide on transnational co-operation (2004-2008)
Guide on transnational co-operation between the EQUAL Development partnerships of the second round (KE-70-05-229-XX-C).

Doc (with links) 1026-1278 Ko: deenelfrltpt

PDF (without link) 475-1668 Ko: deetenfiitnlptsksv

PDF (with links) 837-5165 Ko:   csdadeenesfrhusl

Cover of the EQUAL Guide on transnationality (2001-2004)

EQUAL Guide on transnationality (2001-2004)
The Guide describes the various aspects of the transnational cooperation under EQUAL. It is made up of 12 briefs (from p. 1 to p. 54) and annexes (from p. 55 to p. 107) enabling the readers to deepen their knowledge of certain issues with the aid of hyperlinks

PDF - 113/133 Kb: dadeelenesfifritnlptsv

Cover of the EQUAL Guide on gender mainstreaming

EQUAL guide on Gender mainstreaming
Gender Mainstreaming is an integral part of EQUAL. It is a tool to better understand the causes of inequalities between women and men and come up with appropriate strategies to tackle them. This guide explains Gender Mainstreaming in simple terms and shows the benefit it can bring. The guide has been written primarily for all who are involved in EQUAL, but it can be useful to others, individuals or organisations (KE-70-05-221-XX-C).

PDF 201 - 2 732 Kb: csdadeelenesfifrhuitltlvnlptsksvsl

The notion of Gender mainstreaming

Doc 36 Ko: en - PDF 180 - 835 Kb: deenfr

Cover of the EQUAL Guide for Development Partnerships

EQUAL Guide for Development Partnerships
Learning from the experience of EQUAL partnerships

"Partnership" is a key element in EQUAL. But working together, with partners coming from very varied backgrounds, is not always something easy. This guide, written with the active participation of several DPs, is aimed at supporting all the EQUAL DPs to build up an efficient and fruitful partnership.

PDF 233-516 Kb : csdadeelenesfrhuitltlvnlptsksvsl

PDF (laid out version KE-70-05-237-XX-C) 466 -  503 Kb: deenfr

Cover of the Partnership Development Toolkit

Partnership Development Toolkit
A partnership oriented planning, monitoring and evaluation guide for facilitators of EQUAL Development and Transnational Partnerships
The toolkit is designed as a practical guide for facilitators who will help EQUAL Development Partnerships (DPs) to design, develop, monitor and evaluate their projects. It provides best practice techniques for all aspects of project management within a partnership context, supported by diagrams and illustrations. The toolkit is based on extensive research into Round 1. It explains how DPs can use "Project Cycle Management" to design and implement their projects, to identify mainstreaming opportunities and build a logical framework within which to identify and clarify problems and then design, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate projects to overcome them.

Publication (64 p.) - PDF 502 - 1 402 Kb:  deenfr
Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation : a quick summary - PDF 2 053 Kb: en

Cover of the EQUAL Guide on Mainstreaming

Making Change Possible - A Practical Guide to Mainstreaming under EQUAL
"Mainstreaming" is one of the key principles of EQUAL. It is a process which enables innovations and good practices developed under EQUAL to impact more widely on policy and practice. This guide presents information, tools and practical examples covering the mainstreaming process to assist in the development and implementation of mainstreaming plans. The guide has been designed to support the work of EQUAL Managing Authorities and National Support Structures but will be of use to others with an interest in the transfer of innovations into the mainstream.

PDF - 1 133 - 1 612 Kb: deenfr