Increasing Employability

Enhancing Access to Employment and the sustainable Inclusion in the Labour Market

Modernisation and Strengthening of Labour Market Institutions

Strategic Lessons from EQUAL

en Modernising and Strengthening Employment Services

This document summarises outcomes from EQUAL Development Partnerships (DPs), which provide examples of good practice that can inform initiatives aimed at modernising and strengthening employment services for disadvantaged people. It also includes annotated references to the EU policy context and relevant background material which can be accessed on-line through hyperlinks.
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Practical examples of the work of Development Partnerships

A new focus on Capacity Building for Training and Employment Intermediaries

EQUAL DPs have promoted staff development and new forms of training to improve the anti-discrimination skills of professionals in employment services and other labour market actors to detect, and cope with, discriminatory practices that disadvantaged groups often face in recruitment and placement processes.

en   AT - Laying New Tracks for the Vocational Integration and Career advancement of Immigrants - 2007
en   FR - Capacity-Building in Public Employment Services to Counter and Prevent Discrimination - 2007
en   FR - Combating Discrimination in Temporary Work
en   FR - Developing a Common Anti-Discrimination Culture amongst Local Actors
  FI - Preparation for integration - 2006
en   FI - Building Cooperation between Employment Services and Migrant Associations
en   IT - One-Stop-Shops Responding to a Range of Individual Needs
en   PT - Training and Learning for Actors in the Integration Process

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Complementing Statutory Services

Existing mainstream services are not always well-equipped to respond to the needs of immigrants and other disadvantaged groups. EQUAL DPs have tackled this issue in a number of ways, often by ensuring that members of the services' staff are training in intercultural communication and/or through the provision of multi-lingual information and advice.

en   DE - A regional Network of Labour Market Actors tackling Barriers to Employment
en   ES - A Long Road to Full Integration - 2007
en   IT - Forging a Strong Regional Partnership - 2007
en   PT - Support Offices for Migrants in Rural Areas

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