European Agenda on Migration

News Highlight13/05/2015

The Commission and its Priorities


The National Library of Latvia, where the Summit takes place


EU leaders meet Eastern Partners

On 21-22 May, the Eastern Partnership Summit brought together the EU, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, as part of the EU's commitment to pursue stronger but differentiated relations with these countries. 

First Vice-President Timmermans during the College meeting in Strasbourg

Weekly meeting19/05/2015

Better Regulation Agenda: Enhancing transparency and scrutiny

The Commission adopts the Better Regulation Agenda and launches infringement case on the application of the German Minimum Wage law to the transport sector.

Clean and safe bathing waters: A European success story

Press release20/05/2015

Clean and safe bathing waters: A European success story

Bathing waters in Europe are of a high quality, with 95 % of the bathing water sites meeting minimum water quality standards set out in EU legislation. More than 83 % of the sites meet the more stringent 'excellent' bathing water standard.

Law and Policies

The European Commission is active in many policy areas and is the starting point for the EU's law-making process.

Funding and public contracts

A huge range of funding opportunities exists to support programmes and projects.

Life, work and travel in the EU

Your EU rights: problem solving and complaints