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Commission proposes €1.5 million from Globalisation Fund to help Dutch workers in aluminium industry

09/08/2012 Worker producing aluminium components

The European Commission has today proposed to provide €1.5 million from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) to help 616 redundant workers from Zalco Aluminium Zeeland Company NV and two suppliers with their re-integration into the labour market.

The proposal now goes to the European Parliament and the EU's Council of Ministers for their approval.

The Netherlands applied for support from the EGF for 616 workers made redundant by Zalco Aluminium Zeeland Company NV and two suppliers following the bankruptcy of Zalco at the end of 2011.

The personalised package of EGF co-funded measures aims to help the workers by offering them guidance, training and re-training, outplacement services and entrepreneurship promotion. There will also be measures to stimulate older workers to remain the labour market. All 616 redundant workers are targeted for assistance from the EGF.

The total estimated cost of the package is approximately €2.3 million, to which the EGF would provide €1.5 million.