Partnership Group - European Statistical System (ESS)

partnership Group


The Partnership Group is composed of a number of Directors-General of National Statistical Institutes of the ESS and the Director-General of Eurostat. Its role is to further the development of the ESS at strategic level. 

The Partnership Group normally meets three times a year between ESSC meetings.


Its main tasks are to:

  • Identify and prepare strategic and emerging issues for discussion by the ESSC
  • Assist in co-ordinating the co-operation between national statistical systems and Eurostat on issues of mutual interest in an inclusive way
  • Comment on the agendas of future ESSC meetings and discuss the substance of upcoming ESSC agenda items
  • Recommend to the ESSC the creation of working groups or task forces dedicated to specific strategic work or discussions, and propose the relevant mandates and working methods
  • Identify potential topics, develop programmes and prepare - on Eurostat's proposal - drafts of memoranda or conclusions for future DGINS conferences
  • Contribute to the coordinated response to crises affecting statistics production and coordination within the ESS, when acting as a crisis response team chaired by the Director-General of Eurostat