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In March 2019, Mr Gian Carlo Blangiardo has been appointed as President of Italian Institute for Statistics (Istat). Read more






Istat head office is based in Rome. In order to meet information requirements and improve the quality of the data collected, Istat operates territorially through its regional offices network, which are in close contact with local territorial and functional authorities.

The Institute's ruling bodies are the Council, which plans, directs and evaluates its activity and the President, who has the legal representation, the technical and scientific coordination and the supervision of its functioning.. The Board of Auditors checks the validity of administrative and accounting activities. 

Moreover, the Committee for Policy and Coordination of Statistical Information, under the leadership of Istat President , supervises the System, develops the National Statistical Programme (NSP) Istat surveys, and statistical analyses of public interest.


The Commission for Guaranteeing Statistical Information, an autonomous body, within the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, monitors the impartiality and thoroughness of the information produced, the quality of statistical methodologies and the information technology systems used to collect, preserve and disseminate information, the surveys' compliance with the directive of EC bodies and the protection of the confidentiality of personal data.




Organization chart


Istat organisation chart