The report of the Sponsorship Group on Measuring Progress, Well-being and Sustainable Development summarises the main actions by the ESS to implement the recommendations from the "GDP and Beyond" Communication and the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi Commission report (SSFC).


It contains a set of concrete actions and development work to be undertaken to update the statistical system to the changing needs for new information.


Leaflet: "Measuring Progress, Well-being and Sustainable Development"


This report is based on the information as provided by the reports of the three Task Forces:


  • Chapter 2 provides the background of the project and the conceptual and methodological fundaments of the work, as well as some overarching issues.
  • Chapter 3 summarises the concrete actions and development work respectively in
    • the domain of the "Household perspective and distributional aspects of income, consumption and wealth" (sub-chapter 3.1based on the report of the Task Force 1);
    • the domain of "Multidimensional measures of quality of life" (sub-chapter 3.2 based on the report of the Task Force 3) and
    • the domain of "Environmental sustainability" (sub-chapter 3.3 based on the report of the Task Force 2).

    In each of these sub-chapters, the widely formulated recommendations from the SSFC report and "GDP and Beyond" Communication are narrowed down to a set of concrete actions and positioned in the light of the current situation in the specific fields of statistics, the main available data sources and possible further developments. Each of these sub-chapters provides key findings and a list of indicators.
  • Chapter 4 discusses the next steps and proposes actions for communicating the results of the Sponsorship Group.
  • Annex 1 provides an overview of related initiatives at European and international level.

The Sponsorship Group final report was adopted in 2011 by the European Statistical System Committee. The report summarises about 50 specific actions to be taken by the Statistical System (ESS). Since 2012, these actions are integrated in the European Statistical Programme and they are gradually being implemented.


For more information please visit Eurostat dedicated site on "GDP and beyond".



PDF icon  Final Report on the Sponsorship Group on Measuring Progress,Well-being and Sustainable Development
PDF icon  TF1 Final report: Household Perspective
PDF icon  TF2 Final report Environmental Sustainability
PDF icon TF3 Final report Quality of Life