The ESS Committee (ESSC), the highest decision-making body in the European Statistical System, is the owner of the ESS Vision 2020 and takes key decisions regarding its implementation.


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The Vision Implementation Group (VIG) oversees, on behalf of the ESSC, and performs regular strategic monitoring of the ESS Vision 2020 implementation. It advises the ESSC and prepares recommendations for its Vision-related decisions. The VIG comprises senior managers from 11 EU Member States, 1 EFTA country and Eurostat. It is chaired by Mariana Kotzeva, Acting Director-General of Eurostat as Chairperson and Bert Kroese, Deputy Director General of Statistics Netherlands, as Deputy Chair.


Members of the VIG



The Vision Implementation Network (VIN) comprises senior managers from all EU and EFTA countries that have no own member in the VIG. It ensures effective information and involvement of all ESS countries in the implementation of the ESS Vision 2020.


Members of the VIN



The Portfolio Management Bureau (PMB), located in Eurostat, coordinates the work of project managers and provides analytical support to the VIG and VIN.