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Ajai Chopra

Ajai Chopra

Deputy Director, European Department, International Monetary Fund.

Ajai Chopra has been at the International Monetary Fund for over two decades and his country experience spans various continents. Within the European department, he is currently the mission chief for the United Kingdom. He was previously the mission chief for Germany. He also oversees the department’s work on various euro-area economies and some emerging market countries.

Prior to joining the European department, he worked in the Asian department where he was in charge of the IMF’s programme with the Republic of Korea in the aftermath of its financial crisis.

Mr. Chopra has published several papers in the IMF’s research-oriented journal (IMF Staff Papers) and in its Working Paper series. His country-oriented publications include Poland: the Path to a Market Economy (1994); India: Economic Reform and Growth (1995); and From Crisis to Recovery in Korea: Strategy, Achievements, and Lessons (2001).