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Digitalisation in social security coordination

EU rules on social security coordination call on the Member States to use digital technologies for the exchange, access and processing of the data required for the application of these rules as well as to offer user-friendly services to citizens enjoying their right to free movement across Europe. 

The Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI) is an IT system helping social security institutions exchange social security information across Europe. Thanks to this system, national institutions are able to process citizens’ claims for social security benefits (such as unemployment benefits, reimbursement of healthcare costs, family benefits, and old-age pension) in a faster and more efficient way.  

A pilot project was also launched to explore the feasibility of a European Social Security Pass to simplify citizens’ interactions with social security institutions, healthcare providers and labour inspectorates.

This follows the objectives of Europe's Digital Decade that sets out the objectives and measures to support the digital transformation of public administrations, achieve cross-border interoperability and facilitate the interaction with citizens.

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