Transport – Overview


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Which are the transport modes covered?

Eurostat data on transport cover five main types of transport modes:

  • Air
  • Inland waterway
  • Rail
  • Road
  • Maritime (Sea)

In addition, specific data are collected for oil pipelines.

What is measured?

In general, transport statistics cover:

  • Transport of goods
  • Transport of people
  • Traffic
  • Transport safety

Other available data include aggregated statistics on businesses, employment, infrastructure and equipment.

Some data collections go back to 1980, while others start more recently.

Why are statistics on transport important?

Transport is fundamental to our economy and society. Through several strategies, the European Commission intends to ensure mobility in a single European transport area, while integrating all needs and minimising the environmental effects of transport.

Transport statistics are evolving to respond to policy needs, while maintaining the coverage and quality of existing data collections.

For more information on EU transport policies and recent development in transport statistics, read our Statistics Explained article 'Transport statistics introduced'.


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