European Road Freight Transport Survey - Access to microdata

European Road Freight Transport Survey (ERFT)

Description of dataset

The European road freight transport survey (ERFT) microdata were anonymised for the first time in 2013. Anonymised data sets are available for the reference years 2011 to 2014. European countries collect data on vehicles, journeys and goods transport operations with surveys and transmit them quarterly to Eurostat. The anonymised microdata set covers information for an entire year. The dataset includes data from
the following countries: AT-BE-BG-CY-CZ-DE-DK-EE-EL-ES-FI-FR-HR-HU-IE-IT-LT-LU-LV-NL-PL-PT-RO-SE-SI-SK-UK-CH-NO. The ERFT microdata are available only as scientific use files.
The complete list of survey variables reported to Eurostat is available in the Regulation (EU) No 70/2012. The ERFT microdata User Guide contain information on the variables available in the anonymised dataset. More detailed methodological information on the ERFT microdata and participating countries is available in the two methodological manuals: