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What information can I find here?

Health statistics measure both objective and subjective aspects of people's health. They cover different kinds of health-related aspects, including key indicators on the functioning of the health care systems and health and safety at work.

Data available in this section covers the following main topics:

  • Public health
    • Health status: self-reported health and morbidity, functional and activity limitations, injuries;
    • Health determinants: overweight and obesity, physical activity, risky behaviours such as tobacco and alcohol consumption;
    • Health care: health care expenditure, resources (staff and facilities) and activities (hospital and ambulatory services);
    • Disability: prevalence of disability, employment, barriers to the social integration of disabled persons;
    • Causes of death: national and regional mortality by causes of death.
  • Health and safety at work
    • Accidents at work: number of accidents, causes and circumstances of accidents.

For more detailed information on the data covered, please see the page 'Information on data' in this section.

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