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Health in the European Union – facts and figures

Health in the European Union – facts and figures is a Eurostat online publication providing recent statistics on health in the European Union (EU), focusing on different areas: health status, health determinants, health care ...


1. Health status

1.1 Healthy life years
1.2 Self-perceived health
1.3 Functional and activity limitations
1.4 Mortality and life expectancy
1.5 Causes of death
1.6 Causes of death statistics by age group

2. Specific health conditions

Self-perceived health 2017.png
2.1 Cardiovascular diseases
2.2 Cancer overview
2.3 Specific cancers
2.4 Respiratory diseases
2.5 Mental health and related issues
2.6 Accidents and injuries

3. Health determinants - lifestyles

Fruit and Veg infographic-2014.png
3.1 Overweight and obesity
3.2 Tobacco consumption
3.3 Alcohol consumption statistics
3.4 Fruit and vegetable consumption statistics
3.5 Health-enhancing physical activity statistics
3.6 Mental well-being and social support statistics

4. Healthcare expenditure

4.1 Healthcare expenditure
4.2 Preventive health care expenditure statistics

5. Healthcare human and physical resources

Health-enhancing phyysical activity infographic-2014.png
5.1 Physicians
5.2 Nursing and caring professionals
5.3 Dentists, pharmacists and physiotherapists
5.4 Beds
5.5 Technical resources and medical technology

6. Healthcare activities

6.1 Hospital discharges and length of stay
6.2 Surgical operations and procedures
6.3 Consultations
6.4 Preventive services
6.5 Medicine use
6.6 Unmet needs for health care

7. Health statistics - methodology

7.1 Healthcare non-expenditure statistics
7.2 Healthcare expenditure statistics
7.3 Causes of death statistics
7.4 European health interview survey
7.5 Health variables in SILC

8. Focus on regions

9. Focus on children and youth