The regular monitoring of the ESS Vision 2020 Portfolio for the implementation of the ESS Vision 2020 responds to the request of the ESS Committee to ensure effective communication on the implementation of the Vision to stakeholders.


Monitoring is about measuring the on-going project activities (where we are in relation to the plan), and monitoring the project variables (cost, time, effort) against the project plans.


Controlling is about identifying corrective actions to properly address deviations from plans, and address issues and risks.


The monitoring and controlling of the ESS Vision 2020 implementation through the ESS Vision 2020 Portfolio consists of regular (quarterly) project and portfolio reports. Project reports focus on each ESS.VIPs and the portfolio report summarises in a schematic way the progress achieved from a portfolio perspective.



The project/portfolio status reports summarise in a schematic way:


  • major progress achieved in the reporting period
  • overall status (with respect to plans and roadmap)
  • possible changes
  • a synthetic indication on progress
  • emerging risks and possible issues
  • milestones
  • current (referring to the monitored period) and planned actions (forthcoming short-term actions).