Environmental statistics and accounts

Eurostat's environmental statistics, accounts and indicators support the development and monitoring of the EU's environmental policies.

Environmental accounts

Environmental accounts present environmental information in a way that is fully compatible with national accounts. Often, environmental data are presented against a detailed breakdown by economic activity. They are typically used to analyse the environmental impact of economic activity and policy measures, plus social activity. The topics covered are:

  • Air emissions accounts
  • Material flows and resource productivity
  • Environmental taxes
  • Environmental protection expenditure
  • Environmental goods and services sector

Environmental statistics

Environmental statistics capture the state of the environment and the pressures on it, as well as the impact of human activities and the measures taken to mitigate that impact. The topics covered are:

  • Air emissions (source: EEA – emissions inventories)
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Hazardous substances

Environmental indicators

Environmental indicators are based on statistics and accounts. They allow comparisons over time, provide warning signals and help in making decisions. Eurostat provides indicators for each topic under 'Main tables', see also the environmental indicator catalogue. Since the environment is a substantial parameter in several EU policies, related indicators are also included in different policy sets: Sustainable Development Indicators (SDI), Europe 2020 headline indicators, the resource efficiency scoreboard.

Circular economy

The circular economy is a concept increasingly popular and important. You can find about the Commission monitoring framework for the circular economy here.

Ecosystem accounts

Ecosystem accounts measure the extent and condition of ecosystems and the ecosystem services they provide. The objective of ecosystem accounting is to support decision making in the context of sustainable resource and environmental management and other relevant policy areas.

Ecosystem accounts are still in an early stage of development. However, Eurostat coordinates INCA, an EU-level project to develop an integrated system of natural capital and ecosystem services accounting. INCA deliverables include technical reports as well as published experimental ecosystem services accounts for a number of services. You can find them in the Eurostat Methodology section under ‘Ecosystem accounts’.