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Official documents

The official documents on which the Administrative Commission for the Coordination of Social Security Systems has agreed and its decisions and recommendations are available on this website.

Decisions and recommendations

A number of decisions and recommendations of the Administrative Commission have been adopted on the provisions of the modernised coordination regulations (for older decisions, please refer to the related documents of this page).

Other official documents

Structured electronic documents (SEDs)

Modernised coordination regulations require data to be exchanged electronically between institutions. This will be done through the EESSI system. Structured Electronic Documents (SED) have been designed to make communication of data between institutions easier and more efficient. During the transitional period between 1 May 2010 and the entry into production of the EESSI system, paper versions of the SEDs can be used.

Portable documents (PDs)

Former paper ‘E-forms’ disappear under modernised coordination, but in some cases the information required by a citizen will be issued in the form of a portable document. There are ten portable documents altogether, including the European Health Insurance Card. Apart from the card, the others are paper forms. They will be issued from 1 May 2010 and even after the transitional period.

Main conclusions of the meetings of the Administrative Commission

The Administrative Commission meets at least four times a year. With a view to promoting transparency, delegations have agreed to publish the main conclusions of these meetings here, starting from the June 2016 meeting.