The regulations on how the EU-LFS is organised are an important element in assuring the quality of the survey. They establish the rules and guidelines to ensure the comparability of the results by regulating survey designs, survey characteristics, methods, and the decision-making processes.

The EU-LFS has been based on European legislation since 1973.

The EU-LFS is conducted by the national statistical institutes (NSIs) in accordance with EU regulation 2019/1700 on a common framework for European statistics relating to persons and households. Data are centrally processed by Eurostat. The NSIs are responsible for designing national questionnaires, drawing the sample, conducting interviews, and sending results to the Commission (Eurostat) in accordance with a common coding scheme established by EU regulation 2019/2240 on technical items of the data set.

Eurostat is responsible for monitoring the regulation's implementation, assisting NSIs, promoting harmonised concepts and methods, and disseminating comparable national and European labour market statistics.

For a complete list of regulations, please consult our article EU Labour Force Survey – main features and legal basis.