Experimental statistics use new data sources and methods in an effort to better respond to our users' needs


Experimental statistics logo

As these statistics have not reached full maturity in terms of harmonisation, coverage or methodology, they are typically marked with a clearly visible logo and accompanied by detailed methodological notes.

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Below you will find links to all experimental statistics sites within the ESS. As additional sites are set up, they will be included in this experimental statistics hub.

EU flag
Danish flag
Statistics Denmark
German flag
Destatis (Germany)
Spanish flag
National Statistics Institute (Spain)
Italian flag
Istat (Italy)
Latvian flag
Central Statistical bureau of Latvia
Dutch flag
Statistics Netherlands
Polish flag
Statistics Poland
Portuguese flag
Statistics Portugal
Romanian flag
National Institute of Statistics (Romania)
Finnish flag
Statistics Finland
Icelandic flag
Statistics Iceland
Swiss flag
Federal Statistical Office (Switzerland)