Back Celebrate International Youth Day with Eurostat data


Tomorrow, August 12th, is International Youth Day, and if you want to know more about young Europeans, Eurostat offers a wide range of data. 

First, you can start with the ’Youth’ dedicated section, where you can access our database and EU dashboard for youth indicators. For deeper analysis, there are many Statistics Explained articles exploring young people as regards education, health, labour market, living conditions and demography; the latest being ‘Being young in Europe today – digital world’. 

If you are particularly interested in youth employment, check the podcast ‘Youth and employment: What changed with COVID-19?’ in Eurostat’s ‘Stats in a wrap’ series.

Finally, the interactive tool ‘Young Europeans’ presents data on young people in a fun way as a quiz. Create yourself an avatar and compare your situation with other young people in your country and in Europe. The tool covers four topics: life and wellbeing, health, work and education, and the digital world. People of all ages can use the tool. 

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