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Did you know that micro and small enterprises with up to 50 persons employed account for 99% of the total number of enterprises in the EU’s non-financial business economy? And that manufacturing is the largest sector, accounting for 29% of value added?

You can find these answers and many more in Key figures on European business, the 2022 update of the publication, which gives an overview of the business economy in Europe through visuals and short texts. 


Screenshot: Cover of the Key Figures on European Business 2022 publication

The publication starts with an overview, followed by more detailed analyses on four specific parts of the business economy — industry, construction, distributive trades and other non-financial services, ending with a chapter on tourism. Each of these chapters start with an overview of the economic structure and continues with information on annual developments from 2000 or 2005 through until 2020 or 2021 (the latest year for which annual indices are available at the time of writing). These four chapters finish with an analysis of the latest developments through to early 2022.

This publication may be viewed as an introduction to European business statistics and provides a starting point for those who wish to explore the wide range of data that are freely available on Eurostat’s website.

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