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null EU sold production of high-tech down to €311 billion


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Logo Statistics Explained In 2020, the EU total sold production of high-tech products stood at €311 billion, representing a 7% decrease compared with 2019. Despite this decrease, sold production of these products had been rising since 2010, with an average annual increase of 2.9%.

In 2020, the highest contributor in terms of total sold production of high-tech products was the pharmacy sector, where total sold production amounted to €97 billion.

The pharmacy sector was followed by electronics telecommunications (€67 billion), scientific instruments (€55 billion), aerospace (€36 billion), computers and office machines (€17 billion), chemistry (€14 billion), non-electrical machinery (€13 billion), electrical machinery (€9 billion) and armament (€4 billion).


Multiple line charts: Line charts: Production of high tech products by sector, EU, 2010-2020


Between 2010 and 2020, pharmacy recorded the highest average annual growth rate for production of high-tech products (+11.7%). In addition, production of armament rose by 5.7%, followed by an increase in the production of scientific instruments (+4.4%), electrical machinery (+3.7%) and aerospace (+1.2%).

In contrast, the production of high-tech products fell in chemistry (-0.6%), computers and office machines (-0.7%), electronics-telecommunications (-1.3%) and non-electrical machinery (-3.1%).


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