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In 2019, 46% of the EU population lived in flats, while just over a third (35%) of the population lived in detached houses and almost one fifth (19%) lived in semi-detached or terraced houses.

Flats were the most common residence type in 14 Member States, notably in Latvia (where 66% of people lived in flats), Spain (65%) and Estonia (61%). Member States with the smallest share of their population residing in flats were Ireland (8%) and the Netherlands (21%).

In contrast, more than two-thirds of the population lived in detached houses in Croatia (68%), followed by Slovenia (66%), Hungary and Romania (both 65%) and Denmark (54%). The Netherlands and Ireland were the only EU Member States where more than half of the population lived in a semi-detached house (58% and 53% respectively) in 2019.

House of flat: type of dwelling 2019


Source dataset: ilc_lvho01


7 out of 10 people lived in an owner-occupied residence

In 2019, seven out of every ten (70%) people in the EU lived in a house or flat that they owned. There were more owners than tenants in all EU Member States in 2019, with the highest shares of owners seen in Romania (96%), Hungary (92%), Slovakia (91%) and Lithuania (90%). The lowest shares of owner-occupied residences were in Germany (51%) and Austria (55%).


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