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Practising pharmacists provide an essential service to the population. This is in particular evident now during the COVID pandemic. Even while many everyday services were locked down or restricted, they continued providing services to patients. They continued compounding, dispensing and selling medicinal products that patients need and provided advice on their proper use and possible adverse effects. 
Across the European Union (EU), the number of pharmacists per inhabitant varies widely. The EU Member State with the highest number is Malta, where there were 129 practising pharmacists per 100 000 inhabitants in 2018. There were also high numbers in Belgium (125), Spain and Italy (119 in both). 
The majority of the Member States reported 50 - 110 pharmacists per 100 000 inhabitants, although the Netherlands (21) was below this range.
Infographic: Pharmacists in the EU
Source dataset: hlth_rs_prs1
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