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What is 'Prodcom'?

Prodcom provides statistics on the production of manufactured goods carried out by enterprises on the national territory of the reporting countries. The term comes from the French "PRODuction COMmunautaire" (Community Production). Prodcom covers mining, quarrying and manufacturing: sections B and C of the Statistical Classification of Economy Activity in the European Union (NACE 2). Prodcom statistics aim at providing a full picture at EU level of developments in industrial production for a given product or for an industry in a comparable manner across countries.

Prodcom statistics may be used to answer such questions as:

  • Which countries are specialised in the production of a given product?
  • How productive is a particular industry in terms of physical volume and the value of production sold during a year?
  • Which country has the lowest or the highest value per unit for the production of a certain product?
  • Is there a shift or a trend in the manufacture of a group of products over the years?
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As part of the Eurostat news, we regularly use data on the production of specific products which are illustrated by infographics. Here you can find a selection.

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