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Population & demography - Overview


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What information can I find here?

This section offers you a gateway to Eurostat’s wide range of information on population & demography. It is divided into the following three main topics, each of which provides access to datasets, detailed information and relevant publications:

  • Population and housing censuses
    Detailed data on the population covering demographic, social and economic characteristics of persons, families and households, as well as on housing at a national, regional and local level; carried out every 10 years with the 2021 Census round on-going.
  • Demography, population stock & balance
    Data on the population and its demographic characteristics at national and regional levels available by various breakdowns, covering population stock and vital events such as births & deaths and marriages & divorces and demographic indicators on population change, structure and density, fertility & mortality, marriages & divorces.
  • Population projections
    Data showing the hypothetical developments of the population size and structure based on a set of assumptions for fertility, mortality & net migration; available for a long time period covering more than 50 years into the future.

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