Statistical books

  • Living conditions in Europe — 2018 edition

    This publication provides a picture of current living conditions in Europe, as well as the socio-economic factors affecting the everyday life of Europeans.
    Chapter 1 focuses on the financial...

    Release date: 16/07/2018


  • Monitoring social inclusion in Europe — 2017 edition

    The EU has not made any progress towards achieving its ‘Europe 2020’ social inclusion target, adopted in 2010, of lifting at least 20 million people from poverty and social exclusion by 2020. This...

    Release date: 05/06/2017


  • Quality of life - Facts and views

    Quality of life in Europe — facts and views presents different aspects of people's well-being combining for the first time objective indicators with subjective evaluation of individuals' situations...

    Release date: 01/06/2015